Why the need of a dimming system in a home:

  • An astronomical time clock: saves energy by using day light savings time, and is also programmable for events, a special mode turns lights on and off.

  • Dimming your lights: saves energy an average of to 50% percent will cut electrical usage 40 percent. It will also make bulbs last 20 times longer, saving you the hassle of changing bulbs. In addition dimmers eliminate the need for costly three way bulbs.

  • At the press of a button:  adjust, control, and interact with your, audio system.

  • Scenes: you can preset scenes for entertainment, art work, reading, watching TV, dinner time, parties, etc.

  • Natural lighting: can be controlled with motorized shades you can open or close all the windows of the room with one button.

  • Retrofit: your existing home can have the same quality dimming system as a new home with out new rewiring or changes to your exiting walls.

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